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DJP Power Services is a professional electrical & electronic engineering consultancy providing services in medium and low voltage to building and industrial projects.

Our team has successfully carried out projects throughout South Africa and Sub Saharan Africa. DJP Power Services prides itself in a very high level of service delivery. The company has rapidly built client confidence and satisfaction by adhering to this philosophy. The company boasts a high level of experience ranging from:

  • Building services projects in commercial, residential, industrial, public services, sports and hospitality sectors;
  • Projects in infrastructure development for commercial parks, shopping centres, residential developments and estates, and large scale housing;
  • Medium voltage substations and mining and industrial plants, including C & I components.

With our extensive experience and knowledge of Power Investigations, Power Conditioning and Power Quality, we apply these principles into every design. This together with a growing knowledge on energy efficiency, we are able to provide our clients with long-term economically viable solutions for any type of project.